Menumate Point of Sale

At Menumate we believe that there is really only ONE reason to purchase a new Point of Sale System. It needs to improve your business!

It needs to improve the operational aspects of order taking, delivery of meals, kitchen productivity and easy payment of customer bills. It needs to allow you to increase your turnover by creating more efficient table turn, accurate billing and a focused and mobile loyalty system. It needs to reduce your costs by reducing the costs to run your business, reducing wage costs, reducing stock variances and reducing administration costs. It needs to increase your PROFIT!

Menumate is built of the following belief...

That the Point of Sale company you need to deal with needs to be a long term business PARTNER more than just a POS supplier. They need to have experience in providing system for the hospitality Industry. They need to be focused on improving your business and focused on supporting you and your customers. They need to work within your strategic growth and support your plans through Point of Sale technology and they need to have a global network to gather new technologies and tools and bring these advancements to you. Menumate has be built to do this!

We have a simple saying at Menumate, “It is NOT the tools and features we have that define us, it is WHAT WE DO that is our difference

WHY Menumate?

  • Food and Beverage Specialists
  • Network of Menumate Offices
  • No Resellers!
  • Dedicated Training Processes
  • Full Time Development Teams
  • Focused on Profitability Tools
  • Small Company Flexibility
  • Big Company Network
  • 19 Group Offices in 2013
  • Customers in 14 Countries
  • 10,000+ Licenses

Dedicated to Our Customers Success!

Our Point of sale software & systems include these features

Point of Sales

Point of Sale Feature Set

  • Fast, Efficient Cash Sales
  • Table Management and Floor Plan
  • Tab and Account Charge System
  • Staff Security Levels
  • Discounts and Surcharges
  • Service Charge & VAT Reporting
  • Guest Count & Average Spend Analysis
  • Efficient, Fast, Flexible Bill Payments
  • Integrated Loyalty, Time & Attendance,
  • Online Ordering and Mobile Ordering
  • Unlimited Menus and Courses
  • Multi Language Kitchen Printing
  • Details Point of Sale reports
  • Kitchen Printing by Course or Category
  • Flexible Receipt and Kitchen docketing formatting
  • Integrated EFTPOS (device specific)
Hand Held Ordering

Palmmate Feature Set

  • Fast and Efficient Order Processing
  • Tab, Table and Loyalty Ordering
  • Table, Seat and Guest Tracking
  • Integrated Card Readers
  • Android Technology on 5”, 7” and 10” Devices
  • Intuitive Fast Commands
  • Increases Customer Services
  • Increases Average Spend
  • Increases Accuracy and Reduces Errors
  • Preview before Sending Orders
  • Call Away (Fire) Mains from Hand Helds
  • Print Preliminary Bill from Hand Helds
  • Staff Login and Security Levels
  • Wi-Fi Communications
  • Off Line Mode (Can take order outside Wi-Fi Range)
  • Flexible Hardware Options
Loyalty Rewards and CRM

Loyaltymate Feature Set

  • Multi Tier Loyalty Rewards
  • Member Specific Discounts
  • Product Specific Loyalty Points
  • Every X item Free Feature
  • Member Only Happy Hours
  • Member excluded Surcharges
  • Pre Loaded Loyalty Cards
  • Birthday Notifications
  • First Visit Notifications
  • Multi Site Loyalty with Financial Balancing
  • Direct Marketing Database
  • Member History at Point of Sale
  • Touch Point Generation at Point of Sale
  • Welcome Customer Messages at Point of Sale
  • Member Details on Receipt and Kitchen Dockets
  • Member Login to Cloud LoyaltyMate ( November 2013)
Intelligent Reporting

Web & Business Intelligence Feature Set

Cloud SAAS Live Reporting Suite Multi Store, Multi Region Business Analysis Drill Down ability to transaction level

User Security Levels Key Performance Indicators Trends & Analysis

Live Reporting (configurable) Web Client access from anywhere in the World Centralise Head Office Stock Control (Single Stock item, Single Recipe for All Stores)

Centralised Wage Costs, Time & Attendance and Rostering and Employee Utilisation Analysis Customisable Dashboard (per user) Store by Store Gross Profit Analysis Scheduled Email Reports Group Benchmarking Staff / Operator Sales Analysis Store Survey Reporting

Smart Phone App

Smart Phone App Feature Set

  • Multi Device Capable - Android, IPhone, IPad
  • Store Locator with Mapping
  • Social Media Integration
  • Coupon Facility
  • Favourite Order Functionality
  • Push Notification (including GEO Fencing)
  • Online Ordering Integration to POS
  • Customisable Products, Prices and Options
  • Individual Store Pricing of Products

Online Ordering Feature Set

  • Menumate Designed and Built Online Ordering
  • Fully Integrated to Menumate POS
  • Menumate POS ability to receive Online Orders from other parties via Menumate API
  • Online Orders fully integrated to all Menumate features including Loyalty, POS and ChefMate
Head Office Menu Management

Menumate Editor Feature Set

  • Control all Menu Editing from Head Office
  • Configure stores to Specific Menus
  • Kitchen Name and Button Name Control
  • Tax and Service Charge Configuration per Item
  • Loyalty Rewards Control at Head Office
  • Manage Consistency of
    • Products
    • Layouts
    • Pricing
    • Groups and Categories
  • Menu Upload to FTP Site for Store to Download
Clock In / Clock Out

Staff Attendance Feature Set

  • Clock In and Clock Out at any POS
  • Rounding Up/Down to nearest 15 Minutes (configurable)
  • End of Day Manager Sign Off and Approval
  • Clock In/Out using Swipe Card
  • End of Day Wage Cost Reporting on Z report
  • Payroll Integration
  • Wage Summary Reports
  • Integration to Rostering for Rostered V Actual
Kitchen Productivity Display

Chefmate Feature Set

Multiple Screen Synchronisation

Screen Type configuration Kitchen Display Runners Display Summary Screen Bump/Remove an Order, Item or Course Transfer to Backup Kitchen Recall any Order Zoom function for Large Orders Touch and Non Touch Configuration Total Orders, Outstanding Orders Display Average Make Time calculations Average Runner Time calculations Warning on Time Stamp configuration Start, Hold, Hide, Show functions Colour configuration for Plus and Minus Options

Stock Control

Stock Control Feature Set

  • Stock Control of Food and Beverages
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Shrinkage and Variance Analysis
  • Head Office and Local Store Management
  • Single Stock Item, Single Recipe ( How much flour is on a site, in a region or across the group)
  • Purchase Orders, Invoice Entry and Stock Transfers
  • Stock Valuation Reporting
  • Recipe Analysis and Reporting
  • Stock Count by Worksheets or Portable Data Terminal
Support and Training


  • Repeatable Training Processes of POS for Staff via POS101 Training Course - One on One, One to Many and Online Training Videos
  • POS201 Training Course for Managers
  • PALM101 Training Courses for PalmMate
  • POS and Palmmate Manuals and Videos in multiple languages
  • Menumate Developed POS, Office, Stock and Loyalty Training Courses
  • Train the Trainer Courses with resources for the trainer to then train staff.

Support & Maintenance

  • Remote Dial in Access (where internet is available)
  • Information rich Support Web Site with Videos, Manuals, Hints and How To Documents
  • Remote Dial in Software Upgrades to Protect your Investment.
  • Local Support, Regional Support and Head Office Support services

Services Offering

  • Requirement Study
  • Consulting
  • System Design
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Maintenance and Quick Support by Online Chat and Remote by Team Viewer
  • Email Support and Ticket

For more information, please email to