PT. Surya Data Infokreasi collaborate with the clients under guidance of highly competent and nurturing Management. We deliver proven, on-hand solution - based on years of experience as practitioner. We uphold utmost attention to boldness, continuous improvement, and trustworthiness as signature of our work. Which result in up, close, and personal relationship with our clients. If you want to know more, meet our Management:

Hartono Tan


During frequent visit to Japan and Singapore, Mr. Hartono understand that Indonesian have capabilities to compete in international market if they are equipped with the right tools to leverage the means. PT. Surya Data Infokreasi established to attain the goal of creating a Information Technology company that will grow along with the client to become the standard - of how IT can enable people to create extraordinary results.

PT. Surya Data Infokreasi live by principle of “Work Smart, Play Hard”. They provide FIT solution that continuously improved. Their highly trained consultant will implement various improvement, and treat the clients with personal CARE. Which result in up, close, and personal FAMILY-like relationship with the clients.

Dicky Winata


Major development in Technology has become a key element that changed how business works. These days, embracing Information Technology in business process and business integration is soon will be the only answer to grow. Indonesia was the home of conventional businesses, particularly for the growing numbers of small and medium businesses along with development of infrastructures and entrepreneurial spirit. The impact of IT development has gradually amazed the country and Indonesians’ lifestyle has been drastically changed.

As a local business with extensive ‘hands on’ experiences, PT Surya Data Infokreasi will have a very important role on this alteration. PT. Surya Data Infokreasi are excited to add value and grow with their clients.

Tonny Ardi Halim


Shareholder at PT Surya Data Infokreasi

• Finance & Accounting Division Head PT Indonesia Wacoal (1982- present).

• An exceptional and highly experienced Finance & Accounting practitioner.

• A skillful public Accountant with great communication and inter personal skill.

• Superior reputation and substantial network in Indonesian’s banking industry.