AMOR Lite - For Garment/Apparel Retail

Garment and apparel retail industry have agile and dynamic characteristics. These characteristics, along with the rapid advancement in technology creates a compounding effects. Effects that force companies to make strategic decisions and adjust their business process accordingly - in order to seize the market share.

Legacy business solutions struggle to keep up with the pace of change in your business. This happens due to uncertainty in stock inventory since the data are not consolidated in centralized and maintained database, manual business process which prone to human error, and the requirement of having these ad-hoc data on instant, summarized, and convenient manner. These requirements add up to the point where it can infuriate almost everyone during the process of providing such needs.

Meet AMOR Lite, A simplified version of AMOR with streamlined user interface and process. AMOR Lite serve as affordable solution for Indonesian small and mid-sized apparel & garment business that are ready to expand.


Solution for You

AMOR Lite ERP includes various report to accommodate your needs in strategic decision making. It comes in both Ms. Excel pivot and static PDF report.

AMOR Enterprise

A complete garment and retail apparel solution that includes the proven industry-specific functionality that serve more than 2000 apparel retail and garment users on daily basis in gaining and maintaining industry leadership.