AMOR Enterprise

A complete garment and retail apparel solution that includes the proven industry-specific functionality that serve more than 2000 apparel retail and garment users on daily basis in gaining and maintaining industry leadership.
  • For our company this system very helpful, at meetings or in analysis all of the data generated are helpful for us in making a more precise decision. It badly needs a good system, if you want to increase efficiency and productivity. According to our system from Surya Data, we are satisfied.
    Michael Hartono - Director
    PT. Multi Megah Mandiri
  • After using the system from Surya Data, the data is more accurate, it is most felt at the level of management and also more accountable, especially to the Shareholder. I suggest to other garment’s owner, should also use a good system. Nowadays businesses is more competitive, the accuracy of data is needed in making a more precise decision. We got all of this from the Surya Data system implementation.
    Andi Sasmita - Director
    PT. Indonesia Wacoal
  • Meldi
    Starting from 4 stores, we started using Surya Data’s system, until finally we now have more than 14 stores. With Surya Data’s system, all of our problems becomes easier.
    PT. Nusantara Sportindo


A simplified version of AMOR with streamlined user interface and process. AMOR Lite serve as affordable solution for Indonesian small and mid-sized apparel & garment business that are ready to expand.

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