About us

Our company

PT. Surya Data Infokreasi (SDI) is an IT based consulting company, which founded in 2011, as a software house specific for Apparel / Garment industry through its competence and experiences in Indonesia’s most dynamic market.

As a local business, PT. SDI is uniquely positioned with agility and clientfocus characteristic combined with integrity, consistency and innovation in technology.


SDI leverage decades of experiences to combine business processes, industry know how and leading edge technologies to develop & implement practical business strategies and technology solutions.

We believe we can share this experience to enable our customer to measure their businesses, simultaneously improve their businesses and achieve their goals. We prioritize fit, proper and workable management approach as well as technology solutions, and bundled them as a state of the art service.


Being a company that is always innovating and creative to achieve work-oriented Costumer business progress as well as a barometer IT companies in Indonesia.


  • Always develop themselves against Insights, Moral, Religious and Technological Development.
  • Create and develop products and services are competitive.
  • Provide the best service and value-added solutions for the entire Client.
  • Prioritize Professionalism and Teamwork.
  • Seeks to create positive product in the international market.
  • Create a sense of trust and concern for the environment and yourself.
  • Benefit increase for the Company, Employees and Stake Holders.


years of experience

We have more than 10 years of experience as garment practitioner, trusted by Garment Association of Indonesia.

business user, daily

We continue serve the business need of more than 2,500 users on daily basis.

Historical Moments

Be Brave, Go Forward, Go Big

  • 2017Establish International Business Partnership

    Initiating strategic alliance with the world class ERP consulting company, specialized in Textile fabrication - Datatex. Initiating partnership with Menumate Indonesia - a Point of Sales provider for Food and Beverages Industry.
  • 2016Reach 2,500 Users

    By the trust and reccomendations of our clients, we are able to serve business needs of 2,500 users on daily basis.
  • 2014Introduction of REDS

    Begin to provide IT solution for general manufacturing and distribution company by popular demand. The system adhere Indonesian government policy and best practice done by Indonesian companies.
  • 2013Achieved 1,000 Users

    Based on the trust and recommendations from our clients, we are able to expand and serve business needs of 1,000 users on daily basis.
  • 2011Established

    PT. Surya Data Infokreasi established as the first and leading IT Solution for garment and apparel retail industry in Indonesia. The system are created based on more than a decade of experience as practitioner in garment and apparel retail industry.